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Golf Dynamics is not just a golf coaching or training program. We are dedicated to continual research and data collection in the game of golf, all designed to help each individual golfer reach their potential and enjoyment level. We are focused on each golfer reaching the goals that are correct for them.

As we grow in our knowledge of golf through testing, research, the latest technology, and newest learning techniques, we would like you to grow with us. We invite you to come along with us on this endeavour of correctly designed golf technique, game improvement, and ultimately your enjoyment of golf.

We draw upon a world class team and network of experts that bring their own unique individual style in passing on the Golf Dynamics individual approach.

Steve Khatib

Steve an internationally respected authority on all matters of golf technique and training. Steve’s unique blend of technical information, passionate dynamic presentation style and cutting edge training systems attract both professional and amateur golf enthusiasts from across the world.

His achievements include being awarded the 2005 Victorian PGA Teacher of the Year, a PGA AAA Specialist Coach and a Master Golf Club Fitter accreditation. He is also one of a select group of international instructors to hold a Masters Degree in Golf Stroke Engineering.

Steve is the only international instructor on staff at the Brian Manzella Golf Academy based in New Orleans, Louisiana and has attained ‘Master Instructor’ status. The Explosive Golf School headed by Michael Jacobs, based in Long Island, New York has also aquired Steve’s services as an instructor this year. He was also invited to join the exclusive AMF Golf Professional Instructor division(AMF is an exclusive invitation only association of professionals based in America).

He credits the development of his extensive skills to several years studying under and working with the worlds best instructors in the USA. He has since hosted many of these experts in Australia, conducting popular interactive seminars across the nation. In addition he has made his wealth of knowledge availible to corporate groups and individuals via regular speaking engagements, charity days and customised tours such as the US Masters.
In 2001 Steve founded Golf Dynamics, which provides both personalised coaching and access to leading industry professionals through national and international workshops. Professionals and aspiring golfers travel from around the globe to attend his master classes. He is extremely popular with Melbourne golfers who have access to his skills through private tuition.

As the ‘Golf Doctor’, Steve is the resident golf expert on Radio Sport 927. He hosts a regular segment aimed at improving the golf game of listeners and is a weekly contributor to the nationally broadcasted ‘Sports Overnight’ program. On Channel 31 Steve is a co-host and resident professional of the ‘Golf Zone’ series broadcast throughout Australia and New Zealand on Friday evenings.

Vince Owen

Vince Owen is a very popular member of the Golf Dynamics team. He is a regular instructor at seminars and workshops conducted in both New South Wales and Victoria.

Vince has studied the golf swing via ‘The Golfing Machine’ teaching system and dynamic golf clubfitting for over the past two decades and brings a wealth of knowledge to the lesson tee. Vince has been a travelling companion with Steve Khatib on professional development seminars both nationally and internationally to the USA.

Vince is based in Newcastle, New South Wales and is the Director of Instruction at the Charlestown Golf Academy. A facility that has produced two of Australia’s brightest young talents in Nathan Green and James Nitties. Charlestown has a strong stable of young players that Vince casts his watchful eye over that travel from throughout the Hunter Valley region to seek out his expertise.

In April of 2005 Vince experienced his biggest career highlight. He had the honor of hosting the legendary American instructor Mr. Ben Doyle at Charlestown Golf Club, when Steve Khatib conducted a Golf Dynamics ‘Elite Experience Golf Seminar’ for over thirty enthusiastic golfers.