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Golf Dynamics has worked closely in conjunction with various leading international industry professionals and would like to share their information with you.

We proudly provide you this list of associated golf resources for your benefit:

The world’s most versatile innovative golf instructor and head of the Brian Manzella Golf Academy. 
Famous New York teacher Michael Jacobs. 
In London? Take lesson from the knowledgeable British gentleman; Ian Clark.
Irish engineer turned professional instructor Tom Mullarney is a real thinking teacher.
The world’s most legendary golf teacher Mr Ben Doyle and mentor to hundreds of the world’s best instructors.
Keep abreast of research developments in golf with Gregg McHatton’s research site.
The organisation that has spread Homer Kelley’s great scientific work to the golfing masses.
Listen to our golf shows with tips and commentary on a range of golfing issues, at Melbourne’s home of quality sports broadcasting Radio Sport 927AM.
Our institute partner in strength and flexibilty conditioning.
A celebration of golf every April in Georgia, USA. Experience the magic! Attend our tour.