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Our Club Fitting Approach

Steve Khatib believes in the philosophy ‘that equipment affects motion’. This means the golf equipment you are currently using has either a positive or negative effect on your golf swing and inturn your ball flight and shot outcome.

The truly holistic approach taken by Steve Khatib’s Institute Of Golf Dynamics involves one of these integrated dynamics being golf equipment. This has an integral part to play in a golfers overall make up. Golf clubfitting is both an art and a science (ref Q & A with Matt Flenniken-the world’s leading authority on clubfitting) and, through a clients progression with their instructor, their equipment will be evaluated and possibly redesigned to best fit their intended ‘blueprint’ or desired pattern.

Steve Khatib is an expert in this area, holding both a Professional and Master Clubfitter qualification and is one of only fifty-five worldwide and seven in Australasia to hold this prestigious status. Having trained under Californian Professional Matt Flenniken, who is regarded globally as the leading authority on golf clubfitting, having acted as a designer and consultant to many leading golf club manufacturers, simulation technology and PGA education faculties. Steve has also conducted educational seminars for PGA Professionals in Australia, incorporating holistic teaching and clubfitting and has been heavily involved in research and development of clubfitting systems.

  • A comprehensive clubfitting session must involve the following elements:
  • Outdoor ball flight analysis.
  • Scientific evidence that the intended equipment is best suited to only your balanced uncompensated swing
  • The correct reading marks (hitting off a lie board, striking the ball prior to the board) on both the sole and face of the club
  • A consistent laser putter alignment
  • Trial and comparison of the correct head design, bounce and lofts on wedges, suiting the clients intended technique and conditions of play
  • The correct analysis of any data gathered related directly to your intended golf swing

The trial and comparison of several possible variables of components forming the golf club.

-feedback from both instructor and client as to differences between various configurations. -a review session rechecking that the equipment was built according to the intended design and that the client is making a balanced swing motion based the newly designed equipment.
At Steve Khatib’s Golf Dynamics, we have one of the most comprehensive range of clubfitting systems in Australasia with three wood, iron and wedge systems along with two putter systems. Clubs from these can be compared measured and evaluated against each other to find a configuration that best suits the individuals needs”.