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Our Philosophy

Each golf stroke contains twenty-four component parts. These can be adjusted out of many variations to suit each individual. Each individual, depending on build, injuries, flexibility, strength, goals, etc, has a unique set of circumstances when it comes to playing their golf strokes and, therefore, a unique requirement of learning. I.e. One size does NOT fit all. This unique requirement is decided upon, when appropriate, by one of our instructors through the course of our program.

We teach A SYSTEM rather than A METHOD. The unique part about teaching a system rather than a method is that we do not pigeonhole individuals into a ‘the way’ of playing golf. We consider it a ‘their way’ system. This, however, must still be compatible with the principles of achieving optimal golf strokes. There are simply many ways to achieve these optimal golf strokes that suit each person.

Rather than give our clients masses of information to digest at once, we teach the golf stroke, going from its smallest form to largest form. We build up the stroke gradually, in a formalized gradient system, as competency increases.

At our institute, we do not just teach golf swing. We teach the game itself, using ‘on-course’ strategy sessions to assist in the application of practice into theory.

Taking truly a holistic approach, all factors (such as club fitting, physical conditioning, lifestyle, etc) are addressed and taken into consideration with each individual. This is because at Steve Khatib’s Institute of Golf Dynamics , we address ‘cause’ rather than ‘effect’. I.e. We look at the golfer as a whole golfer, not just an effect of a swing fault.

Our basis for teaching and for learning is truly scientific and our approaches used to communicate these concepts to our clients are tailored to achieve the best fitting solution to their understanding, requirement and demonstration. Different people possess different learning styles and we match these to our clients.