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Club Fitting

Are you uncertain about whether your equipment is compatible to your swinging motion?

A comprehensive golf club fitting can give you specific feedback as to whether you have to make compensations, through consistent adjustments to your game, in order to gain the results you so desire.

“As a comprehensive golf instructor I am convinced that equipment has an effect on swing/stroke motion.” – Steve Khatib

During a golf club fitting session, golf professional and Master golf club fitter Steve Khatib can test the following components of your equipment for compatibility to your specific requirements:

  • Lie angle
  • Shaft (Type & Flex)
  • Head design (Irons & Woods-including Face angle)
  • Grip (Type & Size)
  • Length
  • Weight (Swing weight & Total weight)
  • Loft angle (Irons & Woods)
  • Wedge design/performance
  • Putter (Design & Alignment)
  • Total set composition